Making a podcast work for you

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They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating. In this case, the proof of the podcast is in the publishing. 

Phil Anderson is a master at marketing himself. 

He's worked very hard for years to generate the call to action mantra that is 'For Finance Phone Phil' and ever since he managed to drum that into the North East's psyche, he's been relentless in trying to keep his company, 'Phil Anderson Financial Services' uppermost in our minds, so when you need a financial advisor, your recall brings him up first in your mental rollerdex. 

In short, Phil gets it.

He's also a very gifted natural communicator, AND he genuinely enjoys helping people.

In his type of business, people have queries all the time. From pensions to mortgages. ISAs to redundancies. Wills to Premium Bonds. 

You name it, if it's got cash attached to it in any way, Phil's asked about it.

He is a solid, Grade A, gold-plated, stand-out, shout-it-from-the-rooftops candidate for having his own podcast.


Well, because of all the things I mentioned above. He speaks well. He loves to help. He takes queries from clients ALL OF THE TIME, ON EVERY FINANCIAL ASPECT OUT THERE, so, if you flip that around, it gives you a solid foundation on which to base the topic of each podcast. Take the questions you're asked, and answer them in subject form each week. 

Then, what you create, is a layer of trust and familiarity with a potential client, often, before you've even met them in person.  

And when they search for an answer to a financial query online, up Phil pops like a little money genie with a podcast to suit. 

For his podcast, The UK Personal Finance Show With Phil Anderson, we've collaborated to create something which is genuinely helpful, entertaining and easy to listen to. Most importantly it cuts through all the legal jargon and mumbo jumbo, breaking it down so even I can get it!

I host the show, and Phil is the ever helpful, patient, friendly voice offering the free impartial advice.

So far we've covered topics ranging from redundancy to pensions, mortgages to financial planning for growing families, and loads more. You can listen on Spotify, Apple, or here

Please check it out and let me know your opinion, and if you find yourself thinking, 'I wonder if podcasting would help my business....', get in touch for a chat, and we can find out.