What Your 'On Hold' Audio Says About You!

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If I asked you what the biggest failure in a business' sales process is, I bet you wouldn't guess.

You might not be aware of how important the connection between the quality of your 'on hold audio' for your telephone system and making a sale actually is.

Think about it for a moment.

If you’ve done everything right to get a potential customer to call you, the very last thing you want at that stage is to lose the sale because they hang up while waiting to connect.

So what do you do? Play them Greensleeves? Great idea.(Not really)(Feel free to insert your rolling eyes and facepalm emojis here)

Tell them in an androgynous robotic tone "...you’re call number 42 in the system, and your call is really important to us. Please hold. We should be with you in around 39 minutes....."

I'd caution against it. 

This is your chance to take them over the line and secure that sale. Give them what they want, and what you want them to hear, whether it’s some useful information about the reason they’re calling.....

Or, even give them a little smile making your company sound reliable, AND friendly.


And do it all in a trustworthy, helpful, professional voice.

On Hold Audio done the right way, is the final step in that sales journey, proving to your customer, they’ve made the right choice in picking you. Make your order here, and you’ve made the right choice too.

Please hold, we’ll be with you in moments.