My Voice Is Better Travelled Than I Am

Published in Audio Agency

One of the really fantastic elements of being a voice over recording artist is the variety.  

Even now, as the world is spiralling through a pandemic I'm enormously grateful for the work coming in. 

And it's not just from the local market but around the world. 

In the last month alone, my voice has helped sell BMWs in Edinburgh, announce the winner of a gaming competition in the States, played the role of a 1920s beat cop for an agency in Palestine, and help reassure staff of a Neuroscience Company in the United Arab Emirates they will bounce back from the threat of Coronavirus. 

And all that came before the narration piece regarding the collision course of three black holes. Spoiler Alert: Don't panic, it's at least 200 generations away from taking place (as almost half a million people will learn shortly, thanks to my dulcet tones!)




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