Based in Aberdeen, Scotland, Theresa Day is an inspirational life coach who supports individuals in helping them to take control of their lives. 

With clients across Scotland,Theresa has built a reputation as a leader in life coaching and business mentoring, empowering people to unlock their true potential within.


The ’9 Steps to an Authentic Connection’ is a powerful and dynamic new programme created by Theresa.

Mellis Media created nine short audio packages for podcast use, to be shared via social media and online.

These offer an introduction to the process, and outline each step of the journey.

This audio form of inbound marketing directs interested parties to Theresa's website for more information. 

Here's are two examples. The first is an explanation of the over-arching theme of the programme.

The second is a discussion of the first step in the process: 'Awareness'.

You can find out more at