Audio Marketing

Welcome to the audio evolution that surpasses e-marketing.


The emergence of new media devices and technology has expanded opportunities to reach audiences.

  • Company showcase

If you want to showcase your business, its products, services or events, we can help.

Earmail, short sound snippets distributed directly to your customers through smart phones or other multimedia devices, powerfully explains what you offer, and why you’re different.

For example, use it to:

  • Highlight special offers or customer loyalty deals
  • Let your chef promote his signature dish
  • Invite audience members backstage at your play to discover theatre and show exclusives

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  • Audio media release

Think beyond print: increase your chances of making broadcast news

Newsrooms receive hundreds of press releases daily.

Many are spiked: un-used because they aren’t presented well nor targeted properly.

Our in-depth news and radio knowledge means we guarantee the best possible brand exposure.

Issuing your release with accompanying audio to broadcast outlets makes it much more appealing, so you’re more likely to make headline news.

We’ll record the interviews, edit, and distribute content to newsrooms and deal with media inquiries on your behalf.

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