Audio Testimonials are one of our most popular services, and it's easy to see why. 

If you have a business in Aberdeen or Aberdeenshire, you'll know there's no better way of winning more custom than word of mouth referrals from existing clients, and Mellis Media's Audio Testimonials deliver that for you every time. 

We meet a group of your customers (we believe it works best if you're inviting clients to some kind of promotional event anyway) and record a series of short interviews about you and the service you provide. 

We then edit those conversations together to provide you with real-life, real-people endorsements, which bring your average customer testimonial to life. 

And there's none of that 'deer caught in headlights' terrifed look you often see from poor unsuspecting individuals filmed for similar enterprises at a significantly higher cost. 

We take time to meet your clients, gain their trust, and put them at their ease. 

Our recording equipment is unobtrusive and our interview technique enjoyable. 

The results speak for themselves!