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Whenever I explain to someone Mellis Media is an Aberdeen based audio agency - more often than not, they give that blank look. You know the one - you wear it on your face five minutes after stumbling into University Challenge on TV, and briefly entertaining the notion you’re clever enough to compete. Those five minutes proving more than adequate in shaking that notion from its foundations and stamping all over it, as you realise, forlornly, Jeremy Paxman would be sneering at your answers just as much as he is at the poor sniffy nerd, Bainbridge, from University College, London.

What’s an audio agency? Are they a company that fit those fancy new speakers?




In car stereos?

Perhaps it’s a little perplexing because you’ve never heard of one?

We know.

That either makes us entrepreneurial, or nuts.

We’ll let you know for definite in twelve to eighteen months!

We’re an audio agency, and by that, we mean we craft and create beautiful sound products, like podcasts for business, as part of your media and marketing mix.

It could be an audio press release or a feature interview. It could be a corporate documentary programme about your company, or an aspect of its activities. It could be an audio blog, like this one. Seemed straightforward.

Technology now allows us to pinpoint your exact location, so we can create an audio tour guide delivered straight to your smartphone or tablet.

Stroll into a shopping mall like Union Square in Aberdeen and receive audio details of that day’s special offers and promotions!

The next question we’re asked is “Why should I use audio marketing instead of video?”

Well, in an ideal world, you probably shouldn’t use audio marketing instead of video, you should use it to complement your offering, and in particular if you’re building up to a product launch or event, audio is absolutely ideal to add a layer of excitement and anticipation before you even consider releasing a video via Facebook, Twitter or any other form of social media. Incidentally, audio can be shared and played on all social media platforms too. 

I’ll let you hear an example of that in a moment or two.

Additionally, audio is soooooo much cheaper than anything you’ll ever do on camera. In general terms, audio costs about half as much to produce compared to video.

It’s super responsive, because it turns around so quickly. Simply put, the technology and the ability to deliver it is faster than anything else. Audio is the most instantly responsive form of media there is.

Lastly, and most importantly, audio is also the most engaging medium of them all. Pictures can do a fantastic job, but that’s exactly what they’re doing….the grunt work, the labour. With sound, you enter a whole new dimension - the theatre of the mind.

Let us show you.

No pictures, just sound.

What’s it for? What’s it about? What’s happening?

It could be anything couldn’t it. The point is, you want to know more. The mind craves answers.

Your mind’s already provided a few in the course of listening to it.

Tell you what - we’ll let you know next time….Mwaah hah ha ha ha Mwah ha ha ha Mwah ha ha ha

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